GamePlanX Solutions


"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."
-Bill Gates

GamePlanX offers

  • Well-thought-out plan from trusted experts, scholars who recommend winning strategies and proven best practices,
  • Rapid deployment of a powerful technology solution so teams can start executing a specific game plan,
  • Revenue growth by getting access to sales in 72 international markets
  • Cost savings from outsourcing to vetted international teams
  • Easily scalable operations by transferring the proven GPX framework to work locally and globally.
gameplanx solutions

Gameplanx Proven Framework


GamePlanX recognizes the importance of developing a solid, carefully constructed strategic plan. Strategic planning will serve as an essential tool to analyze and collate the massive amount of information associated with any goals your business is striving to achieve. Information that includes landscape analysis: primary and secondary market and target audience research; qualitative and quantitative operations research; clearly defined objective settings, etc. With a good plan, management stays focused; it helps maximize efforts, leverage resources, reduce organizational redundancy and ensure accountability. The strategic plan charts the programís direction, shapes its future and secures its successful outcome. GPX gets a panel of experts who work through the GPX project engagement framework to understand project requirements, research proven best practices to formulate a well-thought-out plan that ensures successful execution.

Project Management

GamePlanX also offers a comprehensive technology platform to facilitate team collaboration, ensure efficient project management, program monitoring with evaluation, and sustained program delivery. Our technology platforms incorporates the latest in knowledge and risk management tools, proven operational and financial reporting procedures along with a program/contract management system. Our system enables frequent client communication and an efficient flow of project results and financial information among all project team members.

Operations and Teamwork

GamePlanX helps clients achieve high-performance operations and teamwork. Infusing strategic planning with technology, we work to develop and execute proven operational strategies that solve challenging problems. For our clients this means they can get started on executing well thought out plans especially developed by our experts immediately.

GamePlanX offers the framework and technology modules to help client team execute the following operations in a highly efficient and cost effective manner:

  • Strategy and Project Planning
    • Experts/Stakeholder Collaboration
    • Best Practices Research and Knowledge Management
  • Training: Skills, Project Execution, Leadership, Teamwork
  • Sales Growth
    • Sales CRM
    • Salesforce Team Management
    • International Sales Representation in BRICS Markets and 72 Countries
    • Capture Management
    • Proposal Development
  • Multi Office Location Collaboration and Teamwork
    • Project Management
    • Work Order and Supply Chain Management
    • Conference/Event Management.

Here are some examples of how we have been delivering value to our clients based on proven GamePlanX solution processes:

Healthcare and Education

  • Enabled our clients to recruit medical experts to prepare and deliver live and online training to 1000s of physicians in over 72 countries. GamePlanX offered its technology platform to support all aspects of conference planning in multiple cities, ranging from program/event planning, speaker scheduling, and travel coordination to content preparation, attendee pre/post conference outreach, networking and learning.

  • Facilitated providing healthcare to more 23,000 people, including HIV/AIDS prevention and care, access to physicians, prenatal care, clean water and supplemental nutrition and hygiene training.


GamePlanX developed successful educational plans for transforming education in the Middle East and a non-profit global community development organization educating children from K-12 in developing countries. As result of the plan, more than 13,000 children received high quality education.


GamePlanX developed health smartphone apps and websites enabling consumers to track their health status related to nutritional value of food items and weight maintenance by which creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

GamePlanX manages a team of experts and an off-shore technology team to develop, launch and market state-of-the-art apps and websites by integrating numerous complex technologies, including trending charts, tools and other digital engagement elements. Because of our streamlined operation, the client's estimated project cost decreased by 45 %.

Sales Growth, Business Development

GamePlanX enables clients to compete against multi-billion dollar companies and position themselves to grow their revenue from $1-2MM to more than $30MM. GamePlanX provides expertise in Business Development, Proposal Development and Capture Management. The GamePlanX technology platform is configured to provide CRM, Supply Chain, Proposal/Capture Management, and the GamePlanX virtual office facilitates telecommuting and timely team collaboration.

Travel and Conference Management

GamePlanX worked with a global travel agency to reduce operational costs and improve team efficiency by about 65% in multiple cities worldwide. GamePlanX offered solutions for conference management, travel and destination CRM, and multi-city GPX virtual office for telecommuting.