GamePlanX Client Testimonials


GamePlanX clients get:

  • Confidence that goals will be realized
  • Satisfaction of getting a high value solution
  • Achievement of rapidly deploying projects
  • Optimism from getting access to 72 international markets and reducing costs by outsourcing to vetted international partners

“GamePlanX helps bring transparency and order to project management and teamwork. The technology is easy to use, all the project life cycle deliverables are easy to find and so is collaboration with multi-location teams.”
- Ruth Woollett: CEO/President, Temoca Technology and Careot Nutrition App

GPX Applications: Strategy, Business Plan, Budgeting, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of iPhone and Android Smart Phone App development, Website Development, Social Media Engagement, SEO (Search Engagement Optimization), CRM/ Multi-Location Team Operations Management.

“The GamePlanX Business Development/Proposal experts and technology platform helped my company produce a winning proposal that dramatically improved our competitive positioning over much larger, multi-billion dollar competitors. They make it possible for a small company to implement large company solutions to be competitive.”
- Selwyn Holder, CEO Holder Enterprises, Government Services Provider; Cluck U Chicken, Fast Food Franchise Owner

GPX Applications: Government BD/Sales CRM, Proposal Development, Fast Food Franchise CRM/Supply Chain, and Team Operations Management.

“Within the first 24 hours the number of project related email enquiries from my staff reduced by 65%! I like that GPX provides multiple features for improving teamwork, such as screen sharing, conference calling, forums and document sharing.”
- Sanjay Sondhi - President, OM Tourism

GPX Applications: Conference Management (MICE-Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events), Travel/Destination CRM, Operations Management, Multi-City Team Collaboration.

“The GamePlanX network of experts and technology platform make it easy to get started on projects. I get to easily collaborate with team members, manage deliverables and timelines. Great for parents to keep track of their child’s K-12 learning in an organized and non-intrusive manner. I like the way I am informed on my smartphone.”
- Timea Szell – Account Director, Media, Branding, Outreach Expert

  • GPX Applications: Setting Up a Think Tank of Experts, Virtual Office/Project Collaboration, K-12 Academic/Athletic Performance Improvement Projects.

“GamePlanX enables us to plan and execute multiple conferences in multiple cities and countries. We have demanding requirements and get a comprehensive solution for efficiently running all aspects of live and online conferences, ranging from program/event planning; speaker scheduling, travel coordination, and content preparation to attendee pre and post conference outreach. I like that all the information I need is in one place and I get team activity updates on my phone.”
- Dra. Patricia Miranda Tardiff – Medical Education Expert and Family Practitioner

GPX Applications: Medical Education Program Planning, Speaker Recruitment and Preparation, Association Member Outreach, Content Management, MICE/Conference Management.

GamePlanX - Provides Comprehensive Access

We make it a no-brainer for Conference Management

  • 72 Countries 30 Offices US+BRICS 100+s Sales Ops Support Staff
  • Leading Institutions 100s Scholars, Mentors, Tech, Marketing, Sales Experts
  • www.GamePlanX.com Leading PM/Teamwork, eLearning, MICE CRM Technology
  • Branding, Outreach, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Measurement, Reporting Solutions
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“My MBA students used GamePlanX to obtain project instructions, collaborate on assignments and submit deliverables. The various features, such as Notice board, forums, blogs and screen sharing make it easy for true community-based learning.”
- Professor Roman M. Wong, MBA Program, Barry University

  • GPX Applications: Higher Education, Project Collaboration.

Testimonial - NCAA Sports Team Coach

- Fred Jungemann – NCAA Women’s Soccer, Head Coach, Barry University


“When GamePlanX was first introduced, I thought it was just another sales demo I had to sit through. Coaches get constantly inundated with sales demos for new products and many end up being a waste of time. However, GamePlanX is a very useful team communication and collaboration platform. My team is actively using GamePlanX and I strongly recommend it to any sports team.”

    A 10 minute demo of GamePlanX lets you see:

  • It takes very little time and effort to keep the entire team informed and coordinated
  • Ideal for delivery of personalized coaching and skills training to players
  • Ideal for coaches and assistant coaches with a very busy Schedule
  • Powerful platform to improve high performance teamwork and collaboration
  • Optimally designed for any sports team
  • GPX Applications: Sports High Performance Team Development and Player Training.